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Manage the complete
information management
lifecycle of your product

  • Access and manage complete product information
  • Synchronize item costs with supplier price books
  • View supplier stock status
  • Speed up New Products Introductions with process automation

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Vendor Link Cloud?

Vendor Link Cloud (VLC) is a business collaboration, management and trading network designed by Manthan, for the retail industry.

Manthan is one of the most awarded retail analytics innovators among analysts and customers alike - with over 170 customers across 21 countries. Architected with deep industry expertise, Manthan’s solutions combine business workflow and analytic engines, actionable insights and unmatched retail knowledge to help retailers and suppliers drive sustainable growth. Manthan features in Gartner’s BI and analytics magic quadrant, Digital commerce vendor guide and other retail related Gartner reports.

Vendor Link Cloud enables discovery, electronic transactions, information management and business insights for retailers and suppliers in a multi-enterprise grid environment on the cloud. Business and productivity apps to facilitate retail trading across the trading life cycle, are available in easy to adopt packages on Vendor Link Cloud.

How can I start using VendorLink Cloud?

How secure is Vendor Link Cloud?

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